Turtle hatchlings released into Indian Ocean

The hatchlings were rehabilitated by staff at uShaka Marine World. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - More than 100 baby loggerhead turtles were released into the ocean in Durban, just in time for World Turtle Day on Thursday.

The hatchlings were rehabilitated by staff at uShaka Marine World after they were washed up on Cape Town's shores when they were rescued by people who were passing by.

uShaka Marine senior aquarist Malini Pather says it is important to give the turtles a chance of survival as they are important to their species.

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“We usually do swim tests, we look for body damage, we make sure that their reaction to food is appropriate. We make sure that they’re able to get food for themselves because only one to two of every thousand turtle’s eggs laid makes it to adulthood”, said Pather.

Pather says more loggerhead turtles are currently being rehabilitated at uShaka Marine World and they will soon join their friends.

“We’re very excited but always very worried for them because so much effort and energy has gone into making sure they’re okay and they have the best chance of survival so we’re really excited to give them that opportunity."