The twist of the twins, split and switched at birth


William Caas Velasco (L) and Wilber Caas Velasco (R) who believed they were fraternal twin brothers until they discovered they each had a genetically related identical twin brother.

BOGOT - Imagine growing up thinking you were a fraternal twin and then learning you actually had an identical twin living somewhere else, due to an accidental switch at birth ... so the sibling you grew up with is not actually genetically related to you.

But it doesn&39;t stop there.

Imagine then learning that the identical twin sibling you&39;ve now discovered, who IS genetically related to you, actually also has another sibling, purported to be his twin, yet he looks remarkably like your own sibling... who is now actually not your true sibling.


Let&39;s break it down.  In an amazing twist, two sets of newborn identical twins were treated at the same hospital in Colombia, at the same time, and this is where they were accidentally switched. Well, they weren&39;t switched as sets to the wrong family. Instead, one sibling of each set was switched.

The original story was picked up and published by the New York Times, and a video report explaining the mix-up was run on CNN (* see embedded video at end).

The two families lived miles and miles apart  -- one family residing in the city of Bogot, while the other lived deep in northern rural Colombia near Santander.

When the farmland boys grew up, they moved to Bogot and both took up jobs at a butchery.

One day, two female friends walked into the butchery. Coincidentally, one of the females had chosen that specific butchery since her friend (one of the twins, named William) worked there. The other female was taken completely by suprise to see a man she worked with in an engineering firm: Jorge ... or so she thought. She tried to greet him, surprised to find him moonlighting in a butchery, but he wouldn&39;t acknowledge her with recognition of any sort.

She brought up the subject at her office on Monday with Jorge, asking if it had indeed been him, or if he had a twin. Jorge just laughed, saying he did have a twin called Carlos, but they looked nothing like eachother.

Later she obtained a picture of the butcher, William from her female friend and showed it to Jorge - he was astounded.

The two colleagues then scoured William&39;s Facebook page, and another shock awaited.  The butcher they were "investigating" had a brother, who looked exactly like engineer Jorge&39;s brother, Carlos. But this man was named Wilbur...

* Listen to the report below, and read further details here.