12 'tips' to beat the JanuWorry blues


04 January 2017 - After an eventful December, Twitter users share hilarious tips on how to survive the January financial woes.

JOHANNESBURG - With three weeks still to go before the first pay day of 2018, those who partied with reckless abandon may find solace in these JanuWorry tips, or not…

eNCA compiled some of the best advice from social on how to survive the financial blues.

1. We borrow each other meat just to make soup and bring it back.

2. Green soap is versatile ... Buy and divide

3. Do not throw away iskhokho (the pap crust) ... it goes well with black tea

4.Be like Sdumo: Recycle, reuse and repurpose your tea bags

5. Visitors must bring their own food

6.Become a blood donor... for fee cookies

7.Improvise, girl

8.Ration your drinking

9.Confuse the kids

10. Find a girl who can cook cabbage in at least five different ways

11. Fake an accident

12. Become vegetarian

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