Twitter shocked as MTN’s ‘insufficient funds' voice lady is revealed

JOHANNESBURG – Local Actress Kgomotso Christopher dropped a surprise that left South Africans shocked - revealing that she is the voice behind MTN’s Interactive Voice Response system.

This is the voice that tells you that "you have insufficient airtime to make this call" when trying to make a call on MTN network.

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Christopher posted on social media a short clip of herself recording phrases for the (IVR) system.

The video was accompanied by a caption “Greetings from the MTN lady who tells you when ‘You have insufficient airtime to make this call’ #MylifeinVoice MTNIVRVoice.”


According to the post, Christopher has been doing this for the last six years.

Many took to social media expressing their shock that the person on the recording is actually a black woman and not white.