Verwoerd's grandson releases new book

Apartheid architect, Hendrik Verwoerd's grandson, Wilhelm, has released a book, Verwoerd: My Journey through Family Betrayals. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Hendrik Verwoerd's grandson Wilhelm has released a book titled Verwoerd: My Journey through Family Betrayals.

The memoir explores the complexities of being part of the Verwoerd family and Wilhelm says he was very careful when writing the book.

"I was very careful about writing this book because I know that the name comes with a lot of historical pain for the majority of South Africans but I also had to be honest about my own journey, of course within my family," said Wilhelm.

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Wilhelm, who joined the ANC in the 1990s and worked for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, says his family sees him challenging his grandfathers policies as treason.

"Even though my father in particular is really struggling with this, I have to be open and honest about this so that, other young people, other young white South Africans, other people from Afrikaaner backgrounds can also be willing to say we cannot become part of this bigger family of South Africans unless we are prepared to challenge our own families and the sins of the fathers".

Wilhelm says he still sees himself as part of the movement of the ANC and insists he does not want to become part of the 'white chorus' that is now pointing fingers at the new ANC, although he does agree with the many concerns raised by people.