WATCH: Animal sound man makes an art of imitation


1 June 2015 - Mr Jafta, the Animal Sound MAn

CAPE TOWN - A member of the public captured a man realistically imitating the sounds of animals on the streets of Cape Town.

The video has gone viral with over 1,658,000 views. It showcases a young man on the streets of Cape Town and his  ability to imitate 11 different animal calls in a fabulously accurate way.

What the video doesn’t tell you is who this man is. eNCA reached out to him to hear his history.

William Jafta, now dubbed Animal Soundman, is a soft spoken and passionate Capetonian born and raised in Paarl.

For 20 years he has been known in his community for his special ability to imitate animals.

“I’m in love with animals and am interested in speaking to them in their own language. I realised in primary school that it was a talent, so I just took it from there and challenged myself to learn as many as I can,” he told eNCA in an interview.

Learning the sounds can take anything from two weeks to four months and takes a lot of practice, which he does every day.

The first sounds he learnt were of domestic animals around his neighborhood -  cats, dogs and chickens - which took him a couple of weeks to to master. The horse was the most difficult for him to learn and at the moment he is trying to learn different birdcalls.

Beyond the sound making, Mr Jafta has a passion for helping disenfranchised youth in his community. He established a feeding scheme a couple of years ago to make sure that certain children don’t go to bed hungry.

To raise funds he goes out to the streets of Cape Town to wow passersby with his talent in exchange for a couple of coins to buy food.

Jafta expressed how appreciative he would be if he could get help with his initiative, as it is funded solely by what he makes on the streets. 

He is not a registred charity but is just a passionate community member who has identified a social ill in his community.

For donations  he asks that the public reach out to him on his email [email protected]  or cellphone 0609409805 or if you live around the area, he would appreciate a drop in at Milkytown, Ambassador street number 18, in Paarl.

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