WATCH: The best tech to buy on Black Friday

Several retailers have already started preparing for Black Friday, next week. The tradition, which started in the U.S, is marked by retailers offering massive discounts. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Technology expert Toby Shapshak is urging consumers to do their homework before buying any discounted items on Black Friday.

"The key thing is to do your homework. Lots of stores and online stores advertise x,y and z percentage and it may not be necessarily cheaper or it may not be a better deal that is out there.

"So their annual deals, their Christmas deals, Black Friday deals, you just have to know what you plan to buy and that you are actually getting a good deal", said Shapshak.

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Several local retailers have already started preparing for Black Friday.

The American tradition, which has gained popularity in South Africa over the last few years, is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving and is marked by retailers offering massive discounts.

"The big-ticket items most people buy themselves at this year of year, depending on your budget, include a brand new television or a blue tooth speaker or a new phone, computer.

"Again, just do your homework, look at multiple sites, go look at the average price of the item and what you would pay during the year and don't get caught up in excitement", added Shapshak.