WATCH: Chester Williams big in Japan

Chester Williams is not only a household name in South African rugby circles. The former Rugby World Cup winner is also adored in Japan.

TOKYO - It's been just over a month since Chester Williams passed away at the age of 49.

To many, he was a small frame on the field. But in Japan, Chester is big.

The people of Japan have vowed to support his foundation and continue his legacy.

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Before his untimely passing, he launched a beer range destined for the land of the rising sun.

Chester's heroics at the 1995 Rugby World Cup are well documented.

One of Japan's most revered rugby journalist speaks fondly of the Black Pearl.

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"I remember the game against Canada," recalled Shinrokuro Kobayashi.

"Pieter Hendriks was banned from the tournament. Then Chester came in after recovering from injury.

"Then next game against Samoa, Chester scored four tries. Amazing."