WATCH: Miss SA CEO clarifies 'plus-size' model controversy

The Miss South Africa 2019 top 16 finalists have been announced and already there's controversy on the Twitter streets. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Miss South Africa CEO Stephanie Weil has responded following backlash on social media regarding two plus-size models who are part of the top 16 finalists.

The organisation was criticised on Thursday after models Beulah Baduza and Sasha-Lee Olivier were described as 'plus-size' on their profiles.

Weil said although the two models look perfectly normal, the industry does classify them as plus-size.

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She says having them as part of the final 16 provides an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the matter.

"These 16 girls are representations of all South Africans. Bringing to light these issues is incredibly important as an empowerment tool to be able to stand here and talk about it and if the industry thinks this way then how do we overcome it.

"How do we say they are plus size when they are perfectly normal? What is the spectrum that we talk of? What we try to do is promote healthy minds and healthy bodies," said Weil.

The pageant will take place on Women’s Day at the Sun Arena, at Time Square in Pretoria.


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