WATCH: Moshe Ndiki, YouTube star


YouTube sensation Moshe Ndiki on how his videos started plans for the future as well as his man crushes.

JOHANNESBURG – Famous for his love of Autumn Harvest, Eastern Cape-born Moshe Ndiki, 24, has had everyone in stitches for the longest time now.



Most people watch Ndiki’s videos daily just to laugh. He speaks about topical subjects in the funniest ways. In one of his videos, Moshe speaks about feesMustFall



eNCA sat down with the ever-so-energetic YouTube star, who during the interview was loud, talkative and all sorts of happy. He is as lively, animated and entertaining as he is in his videos. This shows how authentic his craft is as well as how true he is to himself and his audience.



Moshe is a born performer and has thousands of followers on social media. He is himself and is not trying to fake it.




New Video on YouTube "Can&39;t Live" - Moshe Ndiki. ??

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Watch this animated rising star chat about how he started making the videos and how surprised he was when the first one started trending.