WATCH: "Tholukuthi hey" goes viral


Hit song Tholukuthi hey breaks the internet.

JOHANNESBURG - Student Killer Kau's new track, “Thol’ukuthi hey” is out, and setting social media on fire. 

At the beginning of August, Kau recorded a video and uploaded it on Twitter; in the video Killer is singing “Thol’uthi hey to a beat. The video went viral quickly.


DJ Euphonik reached out to Killer, asking him to collaborate with him in making a full-length track.


Mbali Sikwane also recorded herself singing along to this song, Euphonik reached out to her and asked her to record the song in studio.





“Thol’ukuthi hey” is now out as a single and has already been dropped on 947 FM, where Euphonik hosts a radio show.