WATCH: Walkabout inside Pawn Stars SA shop


Cash Inn owner Roy Peretz with a framed Thabo Mbeki "I am an African poem".

HYDE PARK - Reality television star and pawn shop owner Roy Peretz gives us a sneak preview into his store and offers some business advice to aspiring sales reps.

Located in affluent Randburg, Pawn Inn has been operating for more than 20 years. The space is filled with a wide variety of items ranging from Ferrari toy car collection, tons of Elvis music, different sports memorabilia, expensive timepieces, framed and signed Thabo Mbeki’s "I am an African" poem, carpets, paintings, jewelry and loads of antique cutlery.

Peretz said the success of his business mainly rests on customer treatment, even though a few have brought him some weird items.

“One lady walked in with a big vibrator and threw it on the counter. The toy was buzzing everywhere. Nobody wanted to touch it. The woman was standing there hoping to pawn the toy but unfortunately we couldn’t buy it,” said Peretz.

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