WATCH: A whale of a time in Durban

Putting the Bluff on the map and protecting whales and dolphins. Courtesy #DStv403

DURBAN - The Bluff in Durban has been recognised as one of the best global destinations for responsible whale and dolphin watching.

In 2017, Sorduba Community Tourism submitted a bid for eThekwini to be granted Whale Heritage status.

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Only two of nine international applications were successful, the Bluff in South Africa and Hervey Bay in Australia.

"The Durban locals didn't even know that we had whales, so we thought that it's a good opportunity to apply for this and because I think the Bluff as a destination can offer quite some good whale experiences," said Sodurba Community Tourism chairperson Helga Du Preez.

"We have already received a lot of requests and questions on what can they do, how can they partake and where can they go. So I think with the holiday season coming up we will we get a great deal of tourists."

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The Whale Heritage status will benefit the economy and conservation.