WATCH: Will Smith creates parody of son's music video


Jaden and Will Smith in their separate music videos for hit song 'Icon'. The 19-year-old rapper has received over 100 million streams for his album 'Syre'.

JOHANNESBURG - Superdad Will Smith pumped a little humour into his congratulations to his son Jaden, who recently released his first album. 

The Hollywood star recorded an entire music video called "Icon", a parody of a music video made by Jaden. 

In the spoof, the proud father - who is also a singer - is seen wearing a gold chain around his neck, similar to the one worn by Jaden. The actor also shows off moon-walking in slippers and sports some grills, something he ends up struggling with. 

The 19-year-old Jaden released his debut studio album in November last year through record labels MSFTSMusic and Roc Nation.

The album has since recorded over 100 million streams and sits on number 24 on the US charts Billboard 200.