WATCH: Claws out as airlines seek clampdown on support animals


An emotional support peacock perches on a baggage trolley, as its owner tries to take it on a plane and was later denied flight, in Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey, U.S. in this January 27, 2018 picture obtained from social media.

JOHANNESBURG – Airlines in the United States are clamping down on “emotional support animals” after a women tried to bring her peacock on a plane with her.

A report in the Washington Post said that the women arrived at Newark International Airport to board a flight to Los Angeles.

According to federal guidelines, passengers with disabilities have the right to bring a different selection animals.

Airlines, however, are allowed to prohibit “exotic” animals.

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The woman was reportedly told more than two times that her peacock would not be allowed to fly in the cabin with her, before she arrived.

Current policy forbids cabin travel for “zoo animals” like rodents, non-household birds, hedgehogs or animals with a “foul odour”.

There are also restrictions on the weight and size of the animal.

The woman did buy her peacock an economy seat but the pet was still denied boarding.