5 everyday items that only the richest can afford: R28 000 burger

A restaurant in Chelsea has claimed the title for making and selling the most expensive burger in the world, 29 October 2017. Photo: Screenshot of Youtube video

JOHANNESBURG – The wealthiest people in the world can afford to spend excessively on items that people would not normally think to spend more than a few rands on. 

Here is a list of everyday things that the richest people in world can afford to splurge on:

The glam burger:

A restaurant in Chelsea has claimed the title for making and selling the most expensive burger in the world. The patty of the burger is made from Kobe Wagyu beef, which is the most expensive beef in the world. The burger also consists of Canadian Lobster poached in Iranian saffron and black truffle brie, mango and champagne jus. The truffle is topped with lobster and caviar. All crumbed between a gold leaf coated buns. The burger reportadly retails for approximately $2000 (approximately R28 281.00). 


Privtae parking spot:

An article by South China Morning Post, reported that Investment Stock Corporation executive director Kwan Wai Ming paid $664,000 (approximately R9 389 590.00) have his own parking spot at his Upton apartment. The parking spot is reportedly designed to be spacious enough to accommodate his cars. Therefore this parking spot makes it a world record for the most expensive parking space ever sold.

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Crocodile leather umbrella:

Owned by Formula 1 racing mogul, Couture billionaire Flavio Briatore, has designed an umbrella that costs $50,000 (approximately R70 7047.00). The designer also makes clothes for Paul McCartney, David Beckham and Sean “Diddy” Combs. The special order umbrella has made entirely of crocodile leather. 


Gold luxury toilet-paper:

The Toilet Paper Man, which retails daily household items has invented a 3-ply roll paper made from “22-carat gold flakes through the roll”. It has been reported that this toilet-paper are used for upper-class visitors in hotels in Dubai. The carrot-gold toilet-paper is manufactured in Australia and retails for $1.3 million (about R18 383 235.00). It is also alleged that you get a courtesy bottle of champagne when you purchase the item according to the news site International Business Times.

Crystal mint toothpaste:

This toothpaste takes oral hygiene to the extreme and despite the traditional ingredients like Fluoride, the Theodent 300 gold standard toothpaste. According to Theodent the toothpaste is guaranteed to re-mineralize and protect enamel layer of your teeth with its custom ingredient Rennou. A patented ingredient that was discovered by Dr. Tetsu Nakamoto. The toothpaste is said to retail for $100 (about R1414.00) a tube.


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