Goodbye to 500ml buddy coke bottle, hello to a new smaller one


"Pouring Coca Cola"

"Pouring Coca Cola"

JOHANNESBURG - Coca-Cola is downsizing its bottles all in the name of better health.

Come the first of November its half-a-litre bottle will be replaced by a 440ml bottle, but the price remains the same and not everyone is excited about the change. 

Coca-Cola says the 440ml bottle will help consumers&39; reduce their sugar intake.

Some experts  don&39;t quite agree, saying the amount of sugar only drops by a fraction.

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They say for every 100ml of coke, you consume over 10g of sugar.

Priceless SA believes on the contrary the move is really all about profit.

“They say it’s for the consumer. I doubt it the consumer still doesn’t know how much sugar they are drinking. Tha is all on a label somewhere at the back of the bottle in tiny letters in grams and not in teaspoons and so the consumer losses on both ends. They don’t know that they are drinking eleven teaspoons of coke and the second thing they are getting less bang for their buck," says Karen Hofman, Priceless SA Director.

Hofman says everyone should be concerned about the health risks of a high sugar intake. 

"It’s very important for South African to know what sugar does to the body and consuming so much sugar everyday even one 330mil of a regular can of coke is something that people should not be doing. The chances of getting diabetes is increased by significant percentage," says Hofman.

Consumers aren&39;t happy either about being asked to pay the same price for less Coke.