How to save on your medical aid


Cape Town, 12 March 2016 - The Competition Commission has concluded its first round of public hearings on private healthcare in Cape Town.

JOHANNESBURG – Medical aid schemes. The essential but expensive line item in a monthly budget for the less than 20 percent of South Africans who can afford medical aid cover.

John October, Chief Executive of online insurance and financial comparison website,, says in many cases people are forced into medical aid schemes.
“Many have to take compulsory schemes through their employers or have the need for specific medical care or treatment that they cannot afford as an out-of-pocket expense.”

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There are ways to minimise the cost of medical cover. How? Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Have you compared the costs and benefits you are currently receiving with other service providers? Maybe you are paying too much for the same cover.
  2. What are your health requirements for the next year? Are you covered if you know you are planning to start a family? If not you could be charged extra at a later stage.
  3. Are your dependents old enough to pay for their own medical aid?
  4. Are you checking how much your doctor or pharmacy charges? You could make your medical aid savings plan last a bit longer.

Ask yourself the following questions and perhaps you can find ways to save money before renewal of medical aid schemes in October.

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