Mauritius success founded on education and diverse economy

PORT LOUIS - The World Economic Forum recently rated Mauritius the most competitive economy in Africa, outpacing South Africa for the first time.

The ranking is seen as one of the most important barometers for those looking for investment opportunities on the continent.

While small in size, the island punches above its weight. What accounts for the Indian Ocean island&39;s economic success?

Sugar cane was once the country’s only substantial source of revenue, but through the foresight of its leaders, the economy has diversified to include other crops, textiles, tourism, manufacturing, financial services and now telecoms and technology.

The World Bank ranks Mauritius as the top African country when it comes to ease of doing business and overseas investors are looking towards the island with keen interest.

The country’s skilled workforce is attractive to investors. The government provides free education up to tertiary level and free health services for all.

Critics warn that the country is becoming a tax haven, a charge that has been strongly denied by authorities.

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