Ramaphosa confident budget will help SA


President Cyril Ramaphosa made bold commitments in Friday's SONA and put out a uniting call to all South Africans.

CAPE TOWN - President Cyril Ramaphosa says he&39;s confident the budget announced on Wednesday will help South Africa recover from recent economic blows.

He was speaking at a charity dinner in Cape Town.

“Yesterday the minister of finance presented the budget. The budget in difficult times. The budget that will make us make a sacrifice. Through this budget, we will be able to make sure that we have a strong economy that will move forward without getting us into downgrade. We believe this budget is going to make rating agencies to look at us and say they are taking important steps”, said Ramaphosa.

Ramaphosa also said state-owned enterprises will become stronger under his administration.

“We are going to straighten out our SOEs so that they can play a meaningful role in the economy of our country. Every South African yearns to see our SOEs playing a meaningful role in our economy. And that is the era that we are in now.”

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“The era where SOEs, where they will either be captured, waste resources, where there is embezzlement or where there is wastage, where there will be stealing of money, is over it is behind us and we do not want to go there anymore”, he said.

Ramaphosa also touched on his predecessor, former President Jacob Zuma and said he played a crucial role in improving South Africans&39; lives.

“He has run his course made and that is great. He made his contribution gave us the NDP and also started great initiatives of saving lives. It was President Zuma who enable our country to saves the lives of people who were dying like flies. Before 2009 we were burying people every weekend. And with the distribution of ARVs, we were able to curb that. We were able to keep South Africans alive. Many people forget that it was the initiative that President Zuma made show that it happens. He had saved the lives of many South Africans and gave us the national development plan”, said President Cyril Ramaphosa.

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