ANC throws weight behind SABC staff

The ANC is throwing its weight behind SABC staff. Spokesperson Pule Mabe spoke to workers protesting outside its Johannesburg headquarters. He says the message to management is simple, and that is "No to retrenchments". #eNCA Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The ANC is throwing their weight behind SABC staff.

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Party spokesperson, Pule Mabe, spoke to workers outside the SABC's Johannesburg headquarters on Friday.

The CWU is not backing down from its planned SABC shutdown this afternoon. This despite the public broadcaster suspending its retrenchment process for a week. Khayelihle Khumalo is at SABC headquarters in Johannesburg's Auckland Park. #eNCA Courtesy

According to Mabe, a message to management is simple and that is 'no to retrenchments'.

"All employees of the SABC must be protected," he said.

"They must be given new skills consistent with the modern-day world, but not retrenched."

READ: Workers ready for SABC blackout

The public broadcaster has suspended the retrenchment process for another week.

Despite this, the Communications Workers Union (CWU) says they will not back down from their planned SABC shut-down.

There is much division regarding the planned retrenchments of 400 people.

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