Giwusa calling for boycott of Clover brands

eNCA's Aviwe Mtila has the details. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Clover hopes to prevent a disruption in the supply of its products to customers.

That as the General Industrial Workers Union of South Africa (Giwusa) is calling for a boycott of Clover brands, saying it'll no longer be milked by the company.

Among the union's 27 demands is a double-digit wage increase while Clover is offering 5%.

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“In order to intensify the strike we are calling on the public to boycott all the Clover products in all the shops in all nine provinces until such time that Clover management talks to workers and agree to the demand of the workers,” said Giwusa Deputy General Secretary, Charles Phahla.

Aside from a double-digit wage increase, the union also wants to have control over labour brokers.

It says many workers get exploited by not being permanently employed.

In a statement, the company says contingencies have been put in place to limit the impact of the strike on Clover’s operations.

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