ACDP at loggerheads over single seat

eNCA's Moloko Moloto has the story. #Dstv403

JOHANNESBURG - A fight has broken out in the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) over the single seat the party won in the Gauteng legislature.

A group of disgruntled branch leaders is threatening legal action.

They're also calling ACDP leader Kenneth Meshoe arrogant.

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He and the party's national executive have been given until Monday to replace Dulton Adams with their preferred candidate. 

This at a time when the party's meant to be celebrating that it recouped a seat lost in 2014.

Could the infighting now engulfing the party, be a permanent wedge of division.

According to Branch secretary Khutjo Mokgehle, "The ACDP is a Democratic Party, we want that democracy of it to be seen, we just don't want to be puppets where we're told and we need to follow, we want to be part of decision-makers, our voices need to be heard as well."