Action star Steven Seagal gifts sword to Venezuela's Maduro

US actor Steven Seagal (L) gave Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro a sword. AFP/Venezuelan Presidency

CARACAS - Hollywood action star Steven Seagal, known for dropping in on tough-guy leaders like Russia's Vladimir Putin, paid a visit to Venezuela's leftist president Nicolas Maduro to give him the gift of a samurai sword.

The hero of 80s and 90s hits including "Hard to Kill" and "Under Siege" appeared in state-run TV footage on Tuesday passing the katana to Maduro, who then sliced the blade through the air several times in an ornate office.

Seagal, dressed all in black and without a face mask, nodded approvingly but appeared to warn Maduro when the leader put his fingers close to the blade.

In the decades since the height of his Hollywood fame, Seagal has been a vocal supporter of Putin and once dropped in on Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte as the southeast Asian nation battled Islamic State group extremists.

Russia granted Seagal citizenship in 2016, which included Putin personally handing over a passport to the actor in a televised meeting.


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