African human rights commission worried about xenophobia

JOHANNESBURG - The African Commission on Human and People’s Rights is worried about attacks on migrants in South Africa.

Just over a week ago, deadly violence broke out as locals accused foreign nationals of selling expired and counterfeit goods.

The Commission said this may point to the deeper problems.

Commissioner Lawrence Mute, vice chairperson of the commission said, “there is an appreciation that there should not be a loss of life and therefore, it’s a responsibility of government to protect lives whether those are the lives of nationals or non-nationals.

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"What we understood is that there are interventions government is putting in place to deal with that situation, but we say a far more needs to be done and can be done.”  

The commission is also worried about attacks on women and children and has raised concerns about the country’s economy.

It has however acknowledged efforts by the government in dealing with some of the challenges.

The commission has met with government and around 20 civil society groups while in South Africa.