AfriForum's Roets: 'Meaning of Apartheid flag has changed'

JOHANNESBURG - AfriForum's head of policy, Ernst Roets, says the meaning of the old Apartheid flag has changed over the years.

Roets claimed during a heated discussion with eNCA's Faith Mangope, that people are displaying the flag now as a call for freedom of speech.

"The intention of the tweet was a call for freedom of expression and that's why this discussion is important. The meaning of the flag has changed over the past few days."

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"We (AfriForum) have been on record for years saying that we don't display the flag. Displaying the flag now is not anymore about promoting the things associated with that flag." 

"I see people on social media, who have always despised the flag, now saying they regard the flag as a call for freedom of speech. If you are an activist for freedom of speech, you display the flag."

Roets posted the old South African flag on social media hours after the Equality Court ruled against its public display.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation says it will launch an urgent application against AfriForum's Roets.

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On Wednesday, Judge Phineas Mojapelo, found that the gratuitous display of the old official flag of apartheid South Africa constitutes hate speech.

“The Nelson Mandela Foundation will now be proceeding with an urgent application in the High Court to declare Roets in contempt of court,” the foundation said in a statement.

Roets was slammed on social media for the post.