Agrizzi suing Gavin Watson's nephew for defamation

Angelo Agrizzi is suing Gavin Watson's nephew, Jared, for defamation. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Angelo Agrizzi is suing Gavin Watson's nephew, Jared, for defamation.

Jared Watson is calling this utter nonsense, saying it's just a distraction from the criminal charges Agrizzi's facing.

"We have a history of, whenever he (Agrizzi) doesn't get what he wants, he takes matters into his own hands," said Jared Watson.

The Watson family, which owns African Global Operations, formerly known as Bosasa, has opened a case of theft, money laundering and fraud against Agrizzi, who is the company's ex-COO.

Agrizzi has however denied the theft charges the company laid against him.

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The company alleges R35-million went missing under Agrizzi's watch.

“I’ve never stolen anything from anybody. So I can’t understand why they would make an accusation like that, and why is it so long after I’ve left the company, if there was any claim. I dunno. I think it’s a bit strange, don’t you?,” said Agrizzi.

Agrizzi was thrust into the spotlight at the state capture inquiry when he testified about the alleged corruption by his boss, Gavin Watson.

Watson died in a mysterious car crash earlier this year.

Govan Whittles has more details in the video above.