AIC: Do away with provinces and district municipalities

Vuyo Mvoko speaks to African Independent Congress leader Mandla Galo about his party's position on the ballot paper and what he's promising his voters.

JOHANNESBURG - For the African Independent Congress (AIC), a South Africa without provinces and district municipalities makes sense. 

"We don't need nine provinces in this country. Do away with the provinces, because it is clear in our minds that we are reverting back to your Bantustan kind of a system where you'll have the Eastern Cape for the Xhosas, KwaZulu Natal for the Zulus and the Free State for the Sothos," said AIC leader Mandla Galo.

He said the money given to provincial governments and district municipalities would be better spent by local municipalities.

"The people who are voting in these elections are the ordinary poor, poorest of the poor masses of this country. But when it comes to service delivery, the people are not being given those services."

In 2014 the AIC surprised many critics by getting three seats in the national assembly. 

The party has been accused of making these inroads because their logo is similar to the ANC in colour and abbreviation. But the AIC says the accusations are an insult to voters.

This year, however, the Electoral Commission has separated the party from the ANC on the ballot paper.

Traditionally, the IEC uses a random draw to determine the first party on the ballot paper, with all other parties then following in alphabetical order. 

This year a second random draw was conducted to help separate parties whose similarities cause confusion for voters. Among these were the African Independent Congress, the African National Congress and the African People’s Convention. 

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