Alex and Eldos residents take on crime

Recent crime stats show South Africans are not safe even in their homes. There’s been a rise in violent crimes like murder and attempted murder. eNCA's Aviwe Mila, has more. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Besieged by criminals, Alexandra and Eldorado Park are taking it upon themselves to tackle the rapid surge in crime, spurred by a lack of policing.

Diepsloot, which was thrust into the spotlight last month because of rapidly increasing murders, is seeing calmer days because of additional policing.

WATCH | eNCA special focus on crime in SA

Diepsloot resident Miriam Ncube said: "We’re now a bit safer. We weren’t safe at all because of all the killings. It’s now better because we don’t even hear gunshots ringing out at night.

"There used to be a lot of shooting here, and even us who sell on the street used to run away. Even during the day gunshots would ring out. We don’t hear them anymore. It’s better now that they’ve added more police. Now we hear that these additional police officers will be here for three months and leave. This means the crime will come back once more. We want them to be permanent here in Diepsloot."


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