Alex Total Shutdown movement threatens chaos

JOHANNESBURG - The Alex Total Shutdown movement is threatening chaos after Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba's visit on Monday.

Mashaba is promising to rebuild demolished houses that were deemed illegal.

The structures were one of the reasons behind mass protests in the area before the election.

"We are so surprised that the mayor now is changing but if they want to see the anger of the community of Alexandra, wait for Thursday," said Sandile Memela, from Alex Total Shutdown.

"We are gonna have a massive public meeting so we are not going back now. We saw that our city doesn't want to respect the law, if there's a court order who is above the law? If the mayor is saying he's going to violate a court order obtained in 2016 while he worked as the mayor and he said it doesn't exist.

"So there's something wrong with our leadership in the city of Joburg."