Amcu demands R17,000 minimum wage

Amcu President Joseph Mathunjwa says it will demand R17,000 a month, as a living wage. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG – Mining union Amcu has headed for a showdown with employers.

Amcu President Joseph Mathunjwa says the union will demand R17,000 a month as a living wage.

“We believe that R17,000 is a minimum amount that the worker needs as a basic salary,” Mathunjwa said.

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“It is a small price for the hard work and daily risks to life that our members face every day of their lives.”

Mining analyst Peter Major says the amount the union is asking for is too large.

“I don’t think there is any chance to getting that number because it is too large and too huge and you are going to justify it increased production and increased productivity,” Major said.

With the platinum wage sector negotiations looming, the union is demanding a living wage of 17-thousand rand a month as you've just heard from its President. Courtesy #DStv403