Amcu members vow to fight deregistration

As we commemorate Workers' Day, we look at Marikana, which remains the site of one of the most tragic workers' rights case studies in the country. 34 people were killed in a massacre following clashes between police and workers protesting for salary increases in 2012. Trade union Amcu rose to prominence during that period. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Amcu members say they will take to the streets to protect the union.

The union faces deregistration.

The Labour Department says the union ceased to function according to its constitution.

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“We heard about the deregistration, we decided as mineworkers to protect Amcu. Amcu is the only union left in South Africa,” said Mahamba Ngomti, Amcu member.

“The government is here to destroy workers’ lives, the same workers deserted by the NUM,” he said.

Mahamba said they will protect Amcu's registration certificate.

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He said that the only way to do that is to “strike until the government returns the certificate.”

“That has nothing to do with Joseph Mathunjwa but us workers,” he said.


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