SA's electricity crisis | AMEU labels Eskom claim 'irresponsible'

Eskom's claim that some municipalities ignored power cut instructions is disingenuous and irresponsible. That's the view of the Association of Municipal Electricity Utilities. The association's strategic adviser, Vally Padayachee, says that allegations require investigation before disputes are aired in public. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Eskom has suspended rolling blackouts.

The utility will provide an update of its systems at 10am on Friday morning.     

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At the same time, the Association of Municipal Electricity Utilities is slamming Eskom's claim that some municipalities ignored instructions to cut power.

The association says the allegations should be investigated before being made public.

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AMEU's strategic adviser Vally Padaychee said: "We feel that Eskom's allegations in the media, we're still calling them allegations because it hasn't been proven, was presumptious and too early to have made a call that these municipalities were not compliant.

"We feel that Nersa as the investigate authority needs to fully investigate those circumstances because to make those claims in the public media and the public broadcaster is actually going down a very dangerous path. But let me also say at the outset that the AMEU is not here to defend any municipality that would have willfully been non-compliant unless if it's fully investigated the circumstances and they are found to be non-compliant we wil do that but we're not here to defend it."


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