ANC calls for greater public funding of political parties

Weekend reports claim political funding could increase by R500-million per year, bankrolled by the taxpayer. ANC treasurer-general Paul Mashatile discusses this proposal with Jane Dutton. Courtesy of #DStv403


JOHANNESBURG - The ANC is insistent that more money must be allocated from the national government to fund political parties.

Parties who hold seats in the National Assembly are entitled to funding from the Represented Political Parties' Fund, administrated by the IEC.

Any political party, under current legislation, may also obtain funds from its members and from other sources, such as business and civil society groups.

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According to the IEC, "a political party is entitled to an allocation from the Represented Political Parties’ Fund for any financial year that it is represented in the National Assembly or in any provincial legislature, or both in the National Assembly and in any provincial legislature."

Treasurer-General Paul Mashatile said the money they get at the moment is not enough.

"The provision of funds through the IEC to political parties that participate in parliament is not adequate at the moment and that would require political party funding to be increased."

"We have realised the funding we receive from government, at the moment, is just about 18 percent of the revenue that we raise annually. It is inadequate and that's the reason we have raised the matter with the minister of finance to say, it's important that party funding be increased by government because otherwise, political parties, including opposition tend to rely mainly on private corporates to fund their activities."

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Mashatile stated the discussion to increase the public contribution has been ongoing, prompted by the Political Party Funding Act which seeks to regulate the public and private funding of political parties.

Amongst other regulations, the PPFA legislates the requirement on political parties and donors to make separate disclosures of all donations in excess of the declaration threshold of R100,000 per year.


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