ANC failed to release land: EFF

eNCA hosted its final Town Hall Debate in Orlando East Communal Hall, Soweto. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The EFF says the ANC is not being honest about its rapid land release programme.

It says the party has failed to redistribute land, even though it's had 25 years in power.

The party’s Mandisa Mashego was taking part in an eNCA’s last Town Hall Debate in Soweto.

“It is not true that the was a rapid land release programme, not at all. Even if the ANC imagined that they released land, here's the problem, it's a very small amount of land. And secondly, it's land that the ANC had under its control for the last 25-years,” said Mashego.

The ANC argued that it has provided jobs and has advanced the life of the poor.

WATCH: eNCA Town Hall Final Debate - Soweto

“We have made significant stride with regards to advancing the major social injustices. We are nearing universal access with regards to water, electricity and sanitation. We have expanded the floor of the social security net from 3 million to 17 million recipients,” said ANC's Kgosientso Sputla Ramokgopa.

Meanwhile, the DA says it has been providing efficient service delivery to the people of Johannesburg.

It also said it improved the lives of people living in Tshwane.

The DA's Makashule Gana said the ANC left the city with huge debts, making it impossible to deliver services.

“It's very interesting that Sputla comes here and tries to grandstand. What he forgot to tell you is that when he left Tshwane as a mayor, Tshwane was a billion rand in the red. There was not money to provide any services...We cleaned up the mess he left in Tshwane.... Yesterday I was in Hammanskraal, I've seen services delivered and they are saying that we are seeing what the DA is doing...There was no money when we got into Tshwane.”


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