ANC salary crisis scandalous, says analyst

ANC staff say they’re surprised to learn through an NEC statement that the top six officials have been tasked with finding the money to pay them. eNCA's Govan Whittles reports. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The ANC’s salary crisis is scandalous. That’s according to one analyst.

ANC employees haven’t been paid since October and say they’re uncertain if they will get their money before Christmas.

The ANC failed to pay them after declaring that the organisation is broke.

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Employees have voiced their disappointment during the latest ANC NEC meeting, where the settlement of outstanding salaries was postponed once again.

“These are critical labour relations issues. It has to do with legislation, besides wages," said Ebrahim Harvey, political writer and analyst.

"It’s medical aid, provident fund, taxation, monies that had to be deducted and not paid over to the relevant authorities. I mean it’s an abysmal reflection on the ANC.

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"A very scandalous reflection. And they should be lucky that the staff still decided to put their shoulders to the wheel.”

The ANC treasurer-general referred questions to the ANC’s spokesperson who did not respond to requests for comment.

* eNCA's Govan Whittles reports.


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