ANC taking urgent action against corruption: Mabe

The ANC is again trying to do damage control over corruption in its ranks. The national executive committee met at the weekend. The party says it's embarrassed by allegations that some of its leaders and members are involved in COVID-19 relief corruption. ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe spoke to Shahan Ramkissoon. Courtesy #DStv403



JOHANNESBURG - The ANC is adamant it is serious about fighting corruption but cannot explain why it has failed to hold members accountable so far.

The National Executive Committee met at the weekend over allegations of widespread corruption and looting involved in COVID-19 relief.

The party said it's embarrassed by the allegations that some of its leaders and members are involved in corruption during the pandemic. 

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ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe said the NEC met virtually and expressed deep concern over corruption.

He said urgent action needs to be taken and as such, the NEC has empowered national officials to audit all of the cases that have alleged irregularities.

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He explained the national officials will submit a report on cases to the next meeting of the national working committee.

When challenged on the party's track record of failure to adequately deal with corruption, Mabe said the difference between the party's previous assurances and the current statements being made is a definite timeframe has been imposed on the process.

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The spokesperson defended the organisation, saying it is working against corruption.

"Screaming at the ANC on corruption allegations and making generic statements, even when the African National Congress has put forward a programme to deal with issues that are a cancer to our society, that alone poses a challenge.

"The ANC comes out of its own NEC, it speaks to the measures that it's going to be undertaking to fight the scourge of corruption. It also says that at the frontlines of dealing with all of this, are going to be its own national officials, working together with the relevant structures that have got to do with the discipline of members as well as the integrity of our own members." 

Mabe said the party will be working with national officials to deal with the allegations of corruption with the necessary speed to hold onto the confidence of the nation.


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