'The ANC should change the way it operates': Limpho Hani

Chris Hani died today 28 years ago. ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa will be laying a wreath at the annual ceremony in Ekurhuleni. Courtesy #DStv403


JOHANNESBURG - The widow of the late struggle icon, Chris Hani, says the African National Congress should change the way it operates.

Limpho Hani says that many voices speaking on behalf of the party have caused confusion.

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She was speaking at the wreath-laying ceremony, during an event to mark 28 years since the assassination of her husband outside his home in Dawn Park Boksburg.

Hani said, "we have in the ANC the most brilliant cadres, very very clever. Extremely clever." 

"I have never ever met people who are so clever, dedicated to the ANC, want to see us living in a better country. However, there is a mistake that we did from 94, all the ANC leadership should take responsibility and we are not going to point fingers here."

"We failed on one thing; we did not take them to political school. The political school that was done over the years in exile as comrade Nosiviwe said, taught people discipline, taught us humility, taught us not to speak out of turn."

"As I'm talking today, everybody who is a member of the ANC becomes a spokesperson of the ANC and you are confusing us as ordinary branch members."

"We do not know who to listen to and I appeal to the leadership, alliance and people who love this country, that I suggest our glorious movement should change the way they operate. Let's hear one person speak on behalf of the ANC."


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