ANC support declines, smaller parties on the rise

JOHANNESBURG - It's just over two weeks to go before South Africans head to voting booths.

A poll by the Institute of Race Relations has shown that support for the ANC is declining ahead of the national elections in May.

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Independent elections analyst, Dawie Scholtz, says the decline could be attributed to a number of reasons.

"If you look at a province like Gauteng, in 2011 the ANC won about 87 percent of the black vote, in 2014 it was down to 78 percent, in 2016 it was down to 69 percent and that's why they lost Tshwane and Gauteng because black voters moved away."

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Political commentator, Thapelo Tselapedi, says the EFF is one party to watch as it enjoys support from a wide spectrum of South Africans.

"The EFF has got a number of supporters and voters. If you look at some of the constituencies, they were visiting in Soweto, some were old, some young and in different sectors. Part of the EFF is to capitalise on the weakness of the ANC and they're doing that properly."