ANCYL KZN member resigns after allegedly using K-word

DURBAN - A member of the ANC Youth League in eThekwini region in KwaZulu-Natal has resigned after allegedly using the “K-word” in a private WhatsApp message to refer to her fellow comrade.

She was later recorded also instructing some Indian party members to practice gatekeeping and not allow Africans to join the youth league.

The ANC Youth League names her as regional executive committee member Suzan Govender.

She apparently used the ‘k-word’ in reference to a colleague in a private WhatsApp message.

The ANC Youth League provincial leadership said it's shocked and saddened by the latest scandal.

“We’ve moved with swift speed to ensure that we act accordingly,” said KZN ANCYL chairperson Kwazi Mshengu.

“The member has been suspended and I’ve been advised lately that she has also resigned in the REC. But, be that as it may, we are going to institute disciplinary hearings so that such instances we send a clear message to all members of the ANCYL that racial instances in the ANCYL will never be tolerated.”

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Mshengu said the alleged racial outbursts will deepen the already strained racial tensions between Africans and Indians in KwaZulu-Natal.

“It takes back the journey that we’ve travelled in uniting the people of KwaZulu-Natal particularly those of African origin and Indian origin,” said Mshengu.

“You would know that from time to time particularly here in eThekwini there will be racial tension between Africans and Indians. And when you have someone in leadership position, also playing into that space, it really takes us back. But we are determined that we are going to curb it and nib it on the bud.”

The woman in question was unreachable for comment after repeated attempts by eNCA.


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