Another DA billboard vandalised

The DA unveiled a new billboard on 17 February 2019.

The DA unveiled a new billboard on 17 February 2019.

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JOHANNESBURG - A new DA billboard unveiled on Sunday at Queen Elizabeth Bridge in Johannesburg has been vandalised. 

DA Chief Whip, John Steenhuisen has condemned the latest incident.

He said the nation of South Africa doesn't have an Eskom problem, but rather has an ANC problem.

"This political intolerance should and cannot be tolerated going into an election period where political parties across the spectrum should be free to impart their ideas and share their views with the public", he said.

Steenhuisen said the party will be laying a charge of vandalism and destruction of property with the SAPS later on Monday afternoon and they hope that the police are going to take this matter seriously.

He said the billboard will be going back up.

"We want to keep the message front and centre; inadvertently what this has done is actually build more attention to the matter and we must thank them sincerely for it", Steenhuisen told

This is the second DA billboard vandalised in succession in the space of a month, as tensions continue to rise heading into the national elections in May.