Ask ANC why Joburg bridges are on the edge of collapse: Mashaba



JOHANNESBURG – Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba says the previous ANC administration should answer for the poor state of most of the city's bridges.

The Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) says only 52 of the city's 902 bridges are considered to be in good condition.

More than 700 are considered to be in poor or very poor condition.               

Over 30 000 vehicles pass through the M2 every day, and during peak times about 12 thousand motorists pass here every hour.

JRA said the M2 will take up to a year to mend.

Motorists said although they're annoyed by the inconvenience, they know the repairs are necessary.

According to the city’s transport department, 37 bridges have collapsed during rainy seasons since 2013.

Asked why the roads have not been properly maintained, Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba said his administration can't be blamed.

“I don’t know why these roads and bridges have not been fixed and why we have to always do things on an urgent basis… that’s a question you must ask the previous administration.”

Meanwhile, ANC Johannesburg regional chair, Geoff Makhubo said: “We are approaching an election year and it’s very unfortunate that the mayor uses us as an excuse.”

JRA said repairs will start in October and are likely to take a year.