COVID-19 Vaccine: Expiry dates explained

Astrazeneca has been doing human trials in South Africa through Wits university for months now. Because of the poor results – the study of 2000 individuals found the vaccine only 22 percent effective in stopping mild to moderate covid-19 from developing. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - A public health specialist has allayed fears over the six-month expiry date of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines. 

The University of Cape Town's Dr Kerrin Begg says manufacturers have had only six month's data to work with.

Once further data becomes available, the six-month window will be extended. 

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She also says the vaccine will cause no harm. 

But it would be unfortunate if it doesn't produce as much benefit as hoped for. 

 A study says that the vaccine is only 22-percent effective in stopping mild to moderate COVID-19 from developing.


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