Authorities on high alert as Easter weekend travellers hit the road

The Easter long-weekend is almost here. And many people are looking to make the most of the public holidays by going away for a Shot-Left.One of the busiest routes in the country is the N3 highway, which sees heavy traffic at this time every year.

JOHANNESBURG - Thousands of travellers are taking off for the Easter holidays, and authorities are warning them to follow the rules of the road.

At least 510 people were killed on the roads at this time last year.

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The Road Traffic Management Corporation says motorists can expect a high police presence.

Simon Zwane, the spokesperson for the Road Traffic Management Corporation said, "you can expect that there will be high police visibility, but you can also check for other crimes.

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"Our attention is to facilitate the free flow of traffic and ensure that there are fewer accidents.

"Traditionally it would be the N1 to Limpopo.. roads leading to the border gates, linking us with Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Lesotho."