Deadly Durban harbour inferno probed

DURBAN - Authorities are trying to find the cause of a blaze which killed six crew members on a fishing vessel in Durban Harbour.

Video footage shows the flames engulfing the ship on Thursday.

The bodies could only be retrieved Friday morning.

Desperate attempts were made to extinguish the burning Mozambican vessel, Tropical 1.

Despite this, six of the crew died inside the accommodation area of the ship.

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Three others suffered smoke inhalation.

Five of the victims are Mozambican, while the sixth is Portuguese.

The Transnet National Ports Authority says the vessel was being repaired by a private contractor when the fire broke out.

There seems to be some speculation over exactly what caused the fire and there is no official word just yet.

Wut workers at the harbour say that it could have resulted from welding that was taking place.

The South African Maritime Safety Authority will now be probing the incident.