Baby rescued from storm water drain

A baby trapped in a stormwater drain has been rescued in Durban. Courtesy #DStv403

DURBAN - A newborn baby trapped in a storm water drain in Durban has been rescued.

Paramedics and rescue services personnel made their way to Newlands East on Monday after resident Iyron Lovdale heard the baby crying.

"We went down to the drain and put the lights on and I couldnt see and I took off my top and I could see the baby there in the corner", said Lovdale.

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KZN EMS spokesperson Robert McKenzie said paramedics worked for several hours in order to get the baby out.

"Currently she is in a stable condition and the KZN EMS helicopter is currently taking off to get the child to the hospital", said McKenzie.

McKenzie said police are on the scene to investigate the circumstances that lead to baby being in the drain.

Police rescue teams along with paramedics have dug a trench into a stormwater drain in Durban's Newlands East. Courtesy #DStv403