BCG vaccine tested in fight against COVID-19

Clinical research centre, TASK, believes a century-old TB vaccine could be the key to combating COVID-19. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Clinical research centre, TASK, believes a century-old Tuberculosis vaccine could be the key to combatting COVID-19.

The clinical trial started on Monday, with two health workers in Cape Town, being given the (Bacille Calmette-Guerin) BCG vaccine.

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It's hoped the immunisation will help reduce the risk of infection or even ease the symptoms.

According to TASK CEO Professor Andreas Diacon, "participation is completely voluntary and the two people we have vaccinated are just the first two who volunteered. So we are vaccinating completely healthy people. It's a vaccine so it's supposed to protect you from things that are going to happen in the future and then we will observe".

Diacon says health workers are the best candidates.

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"We have chosen the best candidates to participate they are health care workers they work in the Cape Town hospitals. It will be a hub for infection can take place and where the risk of being infected is the highest so this is good for the study so we can show protection if it's there faster and show it in people who need it the most. We will have a result relevant to our people".

The COVID-19 death toll in South Africa is at 138 with 7220 confirmed cases.


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