Beitbridge Border Post: Travellers happy

eNCA's Zimbabwe correspondent, Pindai Dube reports. Courtesy of #DStv403

BEITBRIDGE - People are feeling an improvement in services at the Beitbridge border post, after the chaos last week.

Long, winding queues had clogged both sides of the Zimbabwe/South Africa border post.

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There were fears of a humanitarian disaster as hundreds of people slept in queues at the border but the situation seems to have gone back to normal.

One traveller Jasper Maposa said, "the only thing I can say and the only change is that mostly when we are going back there will be some queues, but today I am also surprised that there is no queue."

"They are very fast in the queue. It didn't even take me 10 minutes in the queue. We are very proud of our situation"

COVID-19: Fears Beitbridge queues could be super-spreader

Truck driver Brian Jokanya said, "the service now, it's not hectic because now I didn't spend too much time here and I have got my COVID-19 certificate."

Health authorities were worried that the congestion at the border was going to be a super-spreader of COVID-19 but truck drivers are happy that WHO regulations are now being followed.

Zimbabwe has imposed a 30-day hard lock-down until early next month.


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