Blue light protocol putting motorists at risk

JOHANNESBURG - Police have come under fire for abusing the blue light protocol.

The procedure -- implemented in 2013 in a bid to fight against criminals using blue lights -- is now said to putting motorists lives at risks.

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Some Tshwane officials are under investigation following CCTV footage showing them violently handling a woman.

The woman allegedly did not stop for them in a poorly lit area and opted to stop at a garage.

Chairperson for the Justice Project Howard Dembovsky said there is a difference between the law of the country and the practical realities of South Africa.

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Dembovsky said there is an increasing number of people abused by people who are police officers or impersonating officers.

The protocol has been under review and Dembovsky said, "It's already been reviewed and I can't reveal what the reviews are but one of them is not to go to the police station because that's where a lot of incidents take place."


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