WATCH: Musician relives tragic night at Enyobeni tavern

eNCA speaks to a young musician Brian Mapasa, who was performing on the tragic night. #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - When they closed the only door in the venue and started spraying, many people started collapsing.

This is what musician Brian Mapasa says he remembers just before tragedy struck at the Enyobeni tavern.  

Twenty-one teenagers died immediately after in the early hours of Sunday morning.

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Mapasa says security struggled to control the massive crowd from the word go.

 "I got there around midnight, it was already overcrowded and full.

"Twenty minutes after performing I decided to leave and by the stairs which is a small area it was packed and lots of people were trying to get out the same time. People started coming running downstairs because there was spray and they needed to get out and get some air.

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"[At the] same time there was huge number of people from outside pushing to get in. In the middle of those pushing security to come in and out we were pressed and stuck.

"Someone just closed door, maybe to try control people outside but he made it hard for everyone inside to breathe because there's no windows and only air is from the door.

"So when you closed [the door] lots of people started collapsing so it was hard to breathe. Music was still playing. The pushing didn't stop and we were all getting dizzy and there was just someone who kept spraying pepper spray or something."


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